One Simple Offer: Everything!

One size does not fit all and we don’t do cookie cutter. We never understood why would some wedding photographers ask that you fit your unique, amazing, one-of-a-kind day into one of the “wedding packages” that they are trying to sell. We don’t take whatever photos we can within a limited time; instead we capture all the memories of your day, from beginning to end. We don’t limit how many hours we spend with you, how early we start or how late we stay. After all, did you really make plans to stop having fun when the clock hits ten? We didn’t think so either. We simply sit down and talk to you (for hours), ask questions, listen, share our experience, and together we decide what is best for you. We make sure no detail is overlooked, no emotion goes uncaptured and you, fabulous you get just the attention you want!

From start to finish. The whole wedding day! And long before that day arrives, we take the time to connect with you, we share our immense knowledge and we help you with details you might have not considered important.

We show up bright and early on your wedding day and we never leave before we know we’ve captured everything. We help you select the images for your online gallery so you can share them with family and friends. We do artistic editing so you look best in every picture. We create your beautiful wedding album and actually invite you to participate in the process. From beginning to end we are by your side. You create the memories and we’ll make sure they last a lifetime!

Our comprehensive offer includes:
・ unlimited wedding day coverage
・ unlimited travel in the Chicago area
・ online proofing
・ artistic editing/retouching (that’s what the “other guys” call it anyway, and boy, do they charge for it!). We think 
     every picture you pick should get the ultimate treatment at no extra cost
・ all high-resolution images on disk
・ custom online gallery


* Unlike everyone else, our price comes with no obligation to purchase a wedding album. However, should you decide to purchase one, we believe it must be as unique as you are! And yet if you turn the pages of most albums, they look much the same. We believe the people who will value your album most are yet to be born, but somehow most albums suffer from a three-months-taste syndrome and over-decoration. We believe that nothing should stand between your photographs and the people who will treasure them in the future. We offer a carefully curated selection of only the finest Queensberry albums. And regardless of how we design yours, we only ever charge you our cost. So you always get something more, for much less. Yes, we really are that nice! 

Sometimes a wedding celebration  isn’t limited to a single day. Or, perhaps you had something else in mind. Say, you want to take us some place new and exciting? Or you’re planning an engagement session on a sailboat? Or a wedding shower attended by three generations? Or you’ve been itching to try the whole trash-the-dress thing… Sure, why stop there! Why say no! We know that no two weddings are alike. We never believed in limiting your lovely, quirky, one of a kind wedding to a “package” anyway! Be creative, tell us what you want.

From rustic country to downtown chic, from barefoot on the beach to black tie in the ballroom – imagine what we can do for you!*

*All of this sounds like wonderful options if you wanted to have more. But what if you wanted less?  Yes, we will work with you. 

・ $150 – Advertising
・ $400 – Engagement session and editing
・ $2000 – Wedding day coverage
・ $250 – Album design
・ $1800 – Album printing cost
・ $300 – Equipment repayment
・ $200 – Other administrative cost

Total: $4300

・ $40 – Advertising
・ $150 – Sales consultant commission
・ $500 – Photographer pay
・ $100 – Second photographer
・ $80 – Photo editor pay
・ $80 – Album designer pay
・ $500 – Album cost
・ $100 – Other administrative cost
・ $210 – Rent, insurance, etc.
・ $120 – Other personnel payroll
・ $2200 – Mark up for the owner

Total: $4080