There is work, and then there is your life’s work. The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it. The kind of work you’d never compromise on. That you’d sacrifice a weekend for. The kind of work that amounts to something.

That’s the kind of work we do.

We are a boutique wedding photography studio in Chicago… and my oh my, do we ever LOVE what we do! We delight in spending your wedding day in your shadow. We create your family’s first heirlooms by artistically photographing not just what your wear but how you feel, creating lasting memories of every priceless, unforgettable moment.

We’ve been making pictures for most of our lives. Photography, for us, is a way of “savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” And that is the kind of passion our couples want in their wedding photographer. They want authentic pictures that capture the joyous, quirky, love-drenched, laughter-filled moments of their day.

We’ve been to a lot of weddings and here’s what we’ve learned: never again, not one day after your day will this same group of people be gathered in one place at one time. So, soak up your wedding day… live fully this moment.  Laugh. Twirl. Giggle. Glow.  Go, in every sense of the word,  wherever your heart takes you. We will happily follow!

And we can hardly wait to meet you!