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Chicago City Weddings picks a 2014 Best of Weddings Award!

OK, it’s official! Love goes both ways!

We’ve said it many times – we love what we do. And we are over the moon that our brides and grooms love it too!
We are thrilled to announce that Chicago City Weddings won its first Best of Weddings accolade from The Knot. And after all the hard work and all the unforgettable moments we were lucky to be a part of, we only have one thing to say:

Thank you!

DIY Ice Shot Glasses

OK, so you know how to throw a party and you’re secretly bragging that the next one you put together will be the talk of the block for the whole summer. Well, we too know a thing or two about parties, and we think that these shot glasses made out of ice might just be the Belle of the ball. It’s damn easy and just uber cool!

 We always thought it would be just awesome to swig back a shot of Grey Goose in an ice shot glass (even though vodka straight up usually makes us shudder.) Hell, even carrot juice out of an ice shot glass would be cool.

Making a shot glass out of ice is a cinch. The only thing you need to decide is the theme colors of your party and then simply add a bit of food coloring to the water to get the desired effect. We’ve described a true DIY project, step-by-step, but feel free to cut corners and get yourself some ready made ice shot molds online. Like these, for example.


You will need:

  • water or Kool-aid like beverage (if you go with the Kool-aid, water it down so it doesn’t end up too sticky)
  • 3 oz Dixie cups
  • 1 oz plastic cups or Dixie cups
  • small rocks
  • duct tape

Pour beverage into larger cup about 2/3 full.

Place smaller cup inside the cup and push it down until it is about level with the rim of the larger cup. Add a stone to help to weigh it down.

Place a piece of duct tape over the two cups.

Repeat until you have desired number of shot glasses. Place inside freezer for 6-8 hours. You can set them inside a loaf pan or place them on a cookie sheet in case they overflow.

Remove from freezer. Fill the small cup with warm tap water, being careful not to let it overflow onto the ice. Let sit for about 30 seconds. Remover inner cup. Run outside of larger cup under warm water until the cup loosens from the ice. Turn over and push gently on the bottom of the cup until the ice pops out. Bring shot glasses outdoors for your party and fill with beverage of your choice.

Bottoms up!


25 Romantic Fonts for your DYI Projects

Most good DYI projects start with choosing the right font and a key is to make sure they don’t look like DYI. Script, Roman, Sans serif… typography is quite the science and can be at times confusing, but our goal is to keep it simple. We are starting with a set of 25 free font which you can use for your save the dates, invites, place cards, menus… Stay tuned, more to come. And feel free to leave comments about you favorite use of fonts.

1. Clipper Script, by Måns Grebäck | 2. Daun Penh | 3. Cac Champagne, by American Greetings | 4. Nautik, by Henning Skibbe | 5. Sail, by Latinotype | 6. Learning Curve, by Blue Vinyl Fonts | 7. Parisienne, by Astigmatic One Eye | 8. Bodoni MT Condensed, by Monotype Type Drawing Office | 9.  Sachiko, by Lauren Thompson | 10. Lobster Two, by Pablo Impallari | 11. Ever After, by Michael A. Hernandez | 12. Brannboll, by Måns Grebäck | 13. Castro Script, by Måns Grebäck | 14. Swis 721 Outline, by Max Miedinger | 15. Little Days, by West Wind Fonts | 16. Italic C | 17. Courier New, by Adrian Frutiger | 18. Frykas Light*, by Baobaby Studio | 19. Jellyka Bees Antique, by Jellyka Nerevan | 20. Little Lord Fontleroy, by Nick’s Fonts | 21. Complex, by Qbotype | 22. Roman D | 23. Euro Roman | 24. Burgues Script*, by Alejandro Paul | 25. (Title) Matilde, by Typedepot

DYI Vintage Postcards Save the Date

This vintage postcard save-the-date project is so easy, it almost feels wrong! With the same concept, you can make menus, escort cards and place cards stamped on nearly anything. Think vintage hankies, napkins, kraft paper, … any flat surface will do (be sure to buy metal/glass ink pad if you’re stamping on hard surfaces).

With a stamp kit from Staples (about $25 with ink pad), you created this simple save-the-date card using vintage postcards from eBay. Craigslist is a magical place for postcard lots if you have time and patience to wait for a local listing. You can also try the Randolph Street Market, Kane Co Fair… There you can find large lots for next to nothing!

Alternating between the large and the small fonts, place the letters on the stamp with the help of the tweezers that come with it. Luckily, you only place the letters once – once that’s ready it’s a breeze! You can also use the smaller stamp for your return address on the envelopes. It will match the font on the save-the-dates and give a crisp vintage vibe!