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Tips for the Groom

DYI Time!

You guys are going to go bonkers for this next DIY feature. A simple and totally adorable do-it-yourself project made especially for the boys. It’s SO, so so easy and can be completely customized to fit your own unique style. Love them! Oh and to sweeten the pot, we have a really clever packaging idea. Spice things up and make them for your bridesmaids, as party favors, as holiday gifts… the options are endless!

1. Buy blank, light colored t-shirts sized appropriately for the boys in your wedding.

2. Play around with fonts. Choose a style you like; simple, fancy, formal or fun. You can use the same font for all shirts or mix them up!

3. Size your graphics, measuring how wide across the chest you’d like your word to extend. 8″ is a good maximum width for a single word. If using the same font for all shirts, size the longest word (groomsmen in this case), and make all 3 words the same font size, so they look consistent.

4. Reverse your graphic horizontally so it’s a mirror image. Make it whatever color you want it to be on your shirt. Save your files separately as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG . Take them, along with your blank t-shirts to your local Kinkos. They will make a transfer of your artwork and iron it on your shirt for $10. Be sure to tell them how many inches down from the top of neckline to place your graphic (4.5″ – 6″ is a good range.) Feel free to use these templates for your groom, your groomsmen and your best man.

*You can also do this at home really easily and save even more moolah. Office Depot sells printable transfer sheets that you can use to print out the words using your color printer. Then, simply iron on the letters using the instructions provided on the transfers box. SO easy.

And here is a really easy, really cute way to package these babies up…

Here’s how you do it. Go to Icon Global to order 3″ x 12″ clear, plastic mailing tubes. You can leave as is or find cool paper to wrap the tubes with. Lay the tube over your paper, mark a line on the paper at each end of the tube. Use a triangle to draw straight, 90 degree cut lines on each side. Use either scissors or an xacto knife and straight edge to be more precise. Once the paper is cut to the exact width of the tube, line one edge with double sided tape and attach to tube. Roll paper around tube and double stick the loose edge to the tube, overlapping about an inch. Roll your t-shirt, place inside the tube, add end caps and adorn with a ribbon.

Dear Mr. Groom,

Dear Groom,

While everyone is admiring your lovely bride, do you know who she will be look at adoringly?


So take a tip from some of our handsome grooms!

The shirt that comes with the tux has been rented (read worn) quite a few times already, the collar is probably 2 sizes too big and chances are the sleeves are either too long or too short. You’re just renting whatever they have available on that day. So go to the store and buy yourself a nice dress shirt. And if your wedding is in the summer – buy two. After running (and sweating) all day, nothing feels like changing into a nice, clean shirt right before the reception. And you’ll look like a million bucks!

You’re welcome! 🙂