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No tricks, just treats!

And what a treat it was! I first met Carin a couple of years ago, at the wedding of the very pretty, and very fun Christine. And honestly, I couldn’t wait for the rest of the girls in that bridal party to start getting married, hoping to be there too (You have no idea how much fun it is to be photographing dancers!) I was so excited when I learned that Carin and Wyatt are engaged (thanks, Facebook!), and definitely over the moon when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. Now, the wedding isn’t going to be for another year, but if I were to judge by their engagement pictures, these too would be a treat to photograph. The wedding, I’m sure, will be one for the books!

Congrats, you two!

The cat’s out of the bag!

Psst! Hey, you… did you hear? Cody popped the question, and Kim said “Yes”! They are officially off the market now, and there is a wedding coming up next spring! And we even have some photos to share with you. Kim, Cody, and their adorable bulldog Remy were so much fun to work with. Almost not fair to call it work!

Aurelia and Blake are engaged!

Yes! The cat’s out of the bag, and in case you didn’t hear it, Aurelia and Blake are engaged! The big day is not until next summer, but they are already busy having fun and we have the pictures to prove it! The takeaway from this engagement photo session? The world needs more paint!

Enjoy them as much as we do and click here if you’d like to order any!


Danielle and Dan’s Engagement

OK, the cat’s been out of the bag for a while, and we all know that Danielle said “yes”, and we all secretly envy Dan for having swindled such a gorgeous woman!  But really, we are so happy for them and can’t wait till their wedding day (I’m going to let you guess when that’s going to be). In the meantime, we can all enjoy their engagement photos!